How We're Getting Along

posted 31 Aug 2017, 10:42 by Richard Eldridge   [ updated 31 Aug 2017, 10:44 ]
The Liturgy of the Hours Group is proceeding well!

After some discussion amongst ourselves, we've decided to all use the free texts from the Universalis website.  This has the advantage that we're all using the same texts and so we don't have to worry about who has which translation in their breviaries, printouts, device apps, and so on.  Perhaps, in future, if the Group expands, we might look into seeing the best way to source breviaries (or the Morning and Evening Prayer book) for the parish.

We've also started to develop the practice of having a short discussion about the scripture reading after we finish Vespers.  Most of us go on to Bible Study afterwards, but we've found that this practice is of particular value when set in the context of the prayers we've just engaged in.

Alex W.
Thursday, 31 August 2017