Preparation For Confirmation 2017 Has Begun!

posted 18 Jan 2017, 23:44 by Alex Wyndham   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 23:45 ]
Hello everyone!  This is an announcement to let people know that the sacramental preparation programme for those wishing to be Confirmed at Pentecost has begun.

Father Chris has already let people know at Mass that those wishing to receive the sacrament should submit their letters to him by the end of January.  If you haven't yet, you have a little over a week to do this.

Information on the programme this year (and, hopefully, in subsequent years too!) will be made available on our new website.  This section will contain all useful information, including timetables, documents, and changes to things as they occur, and resides here.

Good Luck for this year's prospective Confirmandi!