Steward of the Gospel - Preliminary Observations of the Diocese

posted 2 Jun 2017, 13:03 by Alex Wyndham   [ updated 2 Jun 2017, 13:03 ]
Hello everyone!

The diocese's Director of Development, Steven Webb, has now gone through all the information submitted to the diocese as part of the Steward of the Gospel initiative.  His preliminary observations have been made available to us all, and I've posted these in the website's Parish Community - Steward of the Gospel - Documents library (or, to save a few clicks, they are viewable by following this link).

I've extremely keen that as many people as possible read through these observations, as some of them are rather telling.  I'm also eager to discuss this with as many people as possible - if, when you've read the observations, you'd be kind enough to lend me some of your time, I can be reached via the methods on my contact page.  Otherwise, I'll be around the parish and church as normal - you should feel free to grab me when you see me!

Finally, the observations document also has some prayers within; I'd be grateful if you'd consider praying them, and also praying for me and my work as Steward, and for the work of the parish and diocese.

All best wishes,