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Welcome to the Children's Liturgy Programme

The Parish runs a children’s liturgy programme for children aged 3-7 of the parish. Sessions take place at the 10:30 mass on Sunday and run during school term times.

We feel that it is important for the children to attend regularly. Obviously there are some occasions when children cannot be there e.g. illness, holidays and special visits. This we understand but continuity is important if the children are going to benefit from this Liturgy. We find that the children are unsettled if their attendance is irregular. Also we need to provide adequate supervision for the children and a fluctuation in numbers makes this challenging.

We appreciate that you may like to bring your child to the first couple of sessions but please try and encourage them to come on their own as soon as they feel confident. If they are reluctant to do this them maybe they are not quite ready for liturgy.

At the end of Mass children need to collect the activity sheet and take it home to complete. As we have limited time with the children, often they do not finish. Please encourage them to stick the sheet into a scrapbook so that they have a record of what they have done. We have seen some lovely scrapbooks.

The children are divided into 2 groups – school age and pre-school.  The older children can confidently make the Sign of the Cross and most can say the Our Father and the Hail Mary. They listen to a simplified version of the Gospel and discuss its meaning and how they can act on the message given. 

The youngest children learn to make the Sign of the Cross and say a simple prayer. The gospel story is further simplified and the children act out the story.

As our time is limited, the activity is usually colouring although we try to do a craft activity once a term.  The elder children that attend often have a word search or other puzzle as their activity.

We ask that all children are registered, so we have all their key details on record, so we can ensure they are allocated to the right group and we are able to contact you should the need arise. If you have not already done so please ensure that you complete a registration form for each child and hand it to one of our team. Alternatively you can e-mail a copy to the e-mail address given on the contacts page.

Registration forms are located in the church to the right of the right of the side door on the racks on the wall. Alternatively you can download a copy of the registration form from the Enrollment Page.

In order to run the programme we rely on a dedicated team of volunteer catechists. We are always keen to find new volunteers so we can continue our work in the spiritual development of the children of the parish. If you would be interested in joining the team we would love to hear from you. All the catechists that do help with the programme find the work very rewarding.  Please see the Contacts page for information on how to get in touch.